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Garrett Rochowiak Chef de Cuisine
Chef Garrett Rochowiak

Garrett Rochowiak

Chef de Cuisine

As Chef de Cuisine at Bouchon in Coral Gables, Chef Garrett Rochowiak leads the culinary team, drawing on his experience with Bouchon and his tenure with Chef Thomas Keller since 2016 to provide mentorship. Garrett’s responsibilities span from nurturing relationships with purveyors to executing classic French bistro cuisine while upholding Chef Keller’s exacting standards.

Garrett’s path toward working for one of the most respected chefs began at Bouchon Beverly Hills in 2016, where he served as Sous Chef before becoming Executive Sous Chef at Bouchon in Yountville in 2018.  Reflecting on his journey, Garrett recalls the first time he and his family dined at Bouchon Beverly Hills, describing it as “the night I felt at home away from home.” Stepping into his new role as Chef de Cuisine, he looks forward to sharing that same sense of hospitality and warmth with the Coral Gables community.

Hailing from Michigan, Garrett grew up in a family that cherished gathering for meals, whether for holidays, birthdays or reunions. These shared meals and, eventually, his first job bussing sparked his interest in hospitality and revealed the dynamic atmosphere the kitchen had to offer.

He shares, “I look forward to being able to implement the highest quality standards that TKRG has instilled in me and to building a tight-knit group of chefs to best represent classic French bistros.”